PhD position available: Photoionization dynamics of nanoparticles in the tender x-ray energy domain

We are searching for candidates for applying a PhD position at European Commission funded project I4Future. The selected PhD student will be co-supervised by researchers from the University of Oulu, Finland and University of Pierre and Marie Curie University in Paris, France. The main site of the studies will be University of Oulu, but the candidate is expected to spend considerable amount of time at Paris and participate on measurements at SOLEIL Synchrotron facility near Paris. The student will have a chance to participate on a double degree program, which grants the degree of Doctor of Philosophy from the both Universities.

The main thematics of the PhD is an emerging field with utilization of tender synchrotron radiation X-rays (1-10 keV) in the studies of nanoparticles, clusters and molecules. The focus areas include phenomena such as core-shell ionization, fragmentation and Coulomb explosion of clusters, hard X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (HAXPES), interatomic Coulomb decay (ICD) and electron transfer mediated decay (ETMD) in nanoscale particles, but depending on the preferences of the student, the topics can vary. The PhD program can be directed focusing on experimental and/or theoretical studies.

To apply a position, interested student should contact the supervisors listed below. With the supervisors, a proposal will be submitted to the program no later than 31.7.2016. Students selected (total 20) to the program will start 1.1.2017 and their PhD studies will be fully funded for the following four years.

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The candidates interested are asked to contact Kari Jänkälä ( or Marc Simon ( for further information.