FP workshop 2008 Paris

The workshop in Paris will begin on Thursday, Oct. 23, at 4 p.m. and close on Friday, Oct. 24, at about 4 p.m.

French Laboratoire National de Métrologie et d’Essais

1 rue Gaston Boissier

75724 Paris cedex 15


Thursday, Oct. 23

14:30 Come-together – coffee reception at LNE

15:00 M.-C. Lépy: Welcome at LNE – Introductory remarks.

Chair: M.-C. Lépy:

15:15 M. Mantler:Relevance of fundamental parameters in X-ray analysis

15:45 J.L. Campbell: Status of compilations

16:00 P. Indelicato:Line energies & theory, current status (to be confirmed)

16:15 Individual statements of all participants (2 min each)

17:00 Discussion

18:00Transfer by public-transport to dinner location

19:30 Workshop dinner (discussions among participants)

Friday, Oct. 24

Chair: M.Mantler

8:45T. Jach: Experiments on line energies at NIST

9:00M.-C. Lépy: Experimental facilities at LNE

9:15 B. Beckhoff: Experimental facilities at PTB

9:30Discussion: What is the state of the art?

Chairs: B.Beckhoff, M.Mantler

10:00Discussion: A first list of priorities. What parameters are most important?

10:30 Coffee break

11:00Discussion (continued): A more detailed list of parameters and priorities.

12:30 Lunch buffet reception at LNE (discussions among participants)

Chairs: M.-C. Lépy, B.Beckhoff, M.Mantler

13:30 Defining a joint project

Participants using (“consuming”) the obtained fp-data

Participants contributing (measuring, calculating, compiling) such data

Financial aspects, public funding options

Protection of commercial interests

Duration, tentative schedules and strategies

Scientific strategies

14:30 coffee break

Chairs: M.-C. Lépy, B.Beckhoff, M.Mantler

15:00Establishing expert groups

Priorisation of FP requirements (energies, elements, uncertainties)

Experimental facilities (need for improved instrumentation)

Theory & codes – challenges: competent use and update of existing software

Compilations (need for new strategies), data processing

Definition of technical terms

Establishment of common data base accessible to the public

15:30Follow-up activities:

Follow-up workshop

In-between activities (to be initiated by expert groups)

15:45 Concluding remarks by the organizers