FP workshop 2013 Berlin

The workshop will take place in the Hermann-von-Helmholtz-Building at the PTB Campus in Berlin (Charlottenburg) on February 28, 2013.

workshop agenda     iCal

10:45 h Welcome to Berlin, B.Beckhoff (PTB)

10:50 h Objectives of the workshop , B.Beckhoff (PTB) and M.-C. Lépy (LNHB)

11:00 h Summary of the 2011 FP workshop at NIST (Washington DC, US)

11:10 h Summary of the 2012 FP event at the EXRS (Vienna, Austria) conference

11:15 h Summary of the 2012 FP events at the DXC (Denver, US) conferences

11:20 h Expert group objectives and FP roadmap status, B.Beckhoff (PTB)

11:30 h Presentations by experts:

  • José Paulo Santos, Univ. Nova Lisbon: Calculation of Ge fluorescence yields
  • Michael Kolbe, PTB: Experimental determination of L-shell FP data of medium and high Z elements
  • Yves Ménesguen, LNE: Contributing to a consistent data base by new Cu FP determinations

12:15 h Meeting of expert groups

  • Project management and fund raising – group 1
  • New experimental determinations and methodology – expert group 2
  • Theory & codes – challenges: competent use and update of parameters – group 3
  • Integration of new experimental as well as theoretical parameters into critically evaluated compilations – group 4
  • Establishment of a common data base accessible to the public – group 5

13:15 h Lunch and informal discussions

14:15 h Reports of the expert groups and further expert contributions

15:00 h Status of international FP projects (e.g. FP7 EMRP IND07, NEW01, and others)

15:10 h Continuing a common FP project, moderation by M. Mantler:

  • Task update for expert groups (process of road map updating)
  • Discussion of financial applications ( EU, US, Japan, national science foundations )
  • Coordination of follow-up activities

15:45 h FP Workshop at NIMS in Tsukuba, Japan, on Sept. 20, 2013

15:50 h FP Workshop at LNHB in Paris, France, in Spring 2014, M.-C. Lépy (LNHB)

15:55 h Conclusions and Summary, B.Beckhoff (PTB)

16:00 h end of workshop

To download the agenda as pdf-file click here.

For registration please use the online form until February 25, 2013.

The announcement of this workshop will be distributed among those already having documented their interest in this initiative. Please feel free to forward this information to others who may be interested.

The workshop will take place in the Hermann-von-Helmholtz-Building at the PTB Campus in Berlin (Charlottenburg) on February 28, 2013.

Hotels nearby the venue can easily be found with HRS.

How to reach the venue? Find your best connection with public transportation.

Download an area map of the vicinity of the venue here.

The FP workshop in Berlin relies on the substantial support from both the European X-Ray Spectrometry Association and the regional optical technology network OpTecBB that is very much appreciated.