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Workshop 2023 at IRRMA11

The next workshop of the IIFP will be organized on the afternoon of July 27, 2023, in conjunction with the IRRMA11 conference in Bologna.

Two distinct FP-related events will be organized:

  1. One or two regular session(s) included in the IRRMA conference programme, presumably with invited speakers very well known to many of you.

    You are invited to register and submit an abstract to the IRRMA conference, no later than May 15, 2023, to qualify for these on-site FP sessions.

  2. The usual FPII workshop that will offer additional time for contributed talks on recent experimental or theoretical FP determinations as well as for joint expert discussions. This workshop will be held as a satellite meeting of IRRMA-11, in a hybrid form (a link for the online meeting will be provided for attendees not registered in the conference). Presentations on new experimental or theoretical methodologies, implementation and validation of recent FP data or similar topics are welcome.

    Please use the FP event registration website to indicate your interest to participate in this hybrid workshop event, to submit a contribution title, to present any results and suggest any topics for discussions and future collaborative studies.

Both the regular on-site FP sessions as well as the hybrid FP workshop will cover the usual FPII topics:

  • Theoretical calculations of fundamental parameters (FP)
  • Recent measurements of atomic fundamental parameters
  • New data evaluations and databases
  • Methodological developments to reduce FP uncertainties
  • Validation strategies – experiments and theory

IRRMA11 conference website FP event registration

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