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International initiative on x-ray fundamental parameters

1st international virtual workshop in 2020

final call for contributions and agenda

The next meeting of the International Initiative on X-ray Fundamental Parameters (IIFP) shall be held as a virtual workshop on November 5 and 6, 2020, under the auspices of the European X-Ray Spectrometry Association (EXSA). To ensure broad international participation the meeting will consist of two separate sessions from about 13:30 h to 17:30 h (CET).

This event is supported by EXSA, H2020 CHALLENGES, and the EMPIR AEROMET II project.

As reflected by many of you in the IIFP roadmap and its update, it is now important to validate the FP values determined during the IIFP initiative and to establish recommendations for users. Thus, a major goal of this meeting shall be the discussion and assessment of existing FP values by means of appropriate tools to be implemented. These could include dedicated study groups or other kinds of joint activities aiming at the measurement or calculation of key values and the establishment of an up-to-date database.

Thursday, November 5th, 2020:

13.15 h to 13.30 hTests for access to the webconference
13.30 h to 13.40 hWelcome and workshop objectives (José-Paulo Santos, UNL, Portugal)
13.40 h to 14.00 hStatus of the FP initiative – the first decade (Burkhard Beckhoff, PTB, Germany)
14.00 h to 14.10 hDiscussion on FPI status and workshop objectives: validation of recent FP values in various fields of activities – theory, experiments and applications (Marie-Christine Lépy, LNHB, France)
14.10 h to 14.30 h"Recent FP-related activities in Japan" (Kenji Sakurai, SakuraiXLab, Japan)
14.30 h to 14.50 h"Recent developments in Ion Beam Analysis (synergistic particle-induced X-ray emission and elastic particle backscattering - PIXE and EBS)" (Chris Jeynes, Univ. Surrey, UK)
14.50 h to 15.10 h"Theoretical calculations of X-ray emission line shapes" (Mauro Guerra, UNL, Portugal)
15.10 h to 15.30 h"Wavelength dispersive x-ray metrology on SI traceable scales" (Csilla Szabo-Foster, NIST, US)
15.30 h to 15.50 h"Determination of atomic FP of Gd by means of a calibratable von Hamos spectrometer" (Yves Kayser, PTB, Germany)
15.50 h to 16.10 h"Comparative study of x-ray emission from multiple titanium compounds" (Luis Miaja-Avila, NIST, US)
16.10 h to 16.30 h"Auto Edge-Based X-ray Opacity Database Revision for Fe, Ni and Au" (Haibo Huang, General Atomics, US)
16.30 h to 16.40 hdiscussion on study groups & related procedures (organizers)
16.40 h to 17.20 hSplitting into separate discussion groups (moderated by organizers)
  • FP validations with reference to theoretical works
  • FP validation with reference to experimental works
  • FP validation with reference to application fields
17.20 h to 17.30 hJoint discussion about first study group meetings (organizers)

Friday, November 6th, 2020:

13.25 h to 13.30 hTests for access to the webconference
13.30 h to 13.35 hWelcome and 2nd day workshop objectives (José-Paulo Santos, UNL, Portugal)
13.35 h to 13.45 hSuggestions for continuation of study groups‘ discussions (organizers)
13.45 h to 14.05 h"A rapid survey of the measured atomic data at LNHB and their dissemination" (Yves Ménesguen, LNHB, France)
14.05 h to 14.25 h"Determination of Ga fundamental parameter in the soft X-ray range" (Rainer Unterumsberger, PTB, Germany)
14.25 h to 14.45 h"XAHRM-Lab - X-ray Advanced HiREDS Research and Metrology Laboratory - a new facility to exploit the advantages of High Resolution Energy Dispersive Spectrometry (HiREDS) " (Miguel A. Reis, UL, Portugal)
14.45 h to 15.05 h"Methodological issues in x-ray measurements and in FP validation" (Tibor Papp, INT, Hungary)
15.05 h to 15.25 h"Reference-free measurement of transition energies and widths in lithium-like sulphur and argon ions" (Jorge Machado, FCT, Portugal)
15.25 h to 15.45 h"Experimental determination of differential scattering coefficients by means of linearly polarized X-ray radiation" (André Wählisch, PTB, Germany )
15.45 h to 16.05 h"Absolute energies and emission line shapes of the L x-ray transitions of lanthanide metals" (Joseph Fowler, NIST, US)
16.05 h to 16.25 h"Polarization and angular distribution in fluorescence X-ray production" (Pedro Amaro, UNL, Portugal)
16.25 h to 17.05 hSplitting into separate discussion groups (moderated by organizers)
  • FP validations with reference to theoretical works
  • FP validation with reference to experimental works
  • FP validation with reference to application fields
17.05 h to 17.20 hJoint discussion about second study group meetings and procedures for the continuation of works (organizers)
17.20 h to 17.30 hDiscussion on IIFP perspectives and upcoming workshops
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