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Ph.D. position on X-ray analytics and simulation of energetic materials under extreme conditions at BAM in Berlin available

To strengthen the team in the department “Materials Chemistry” in Berlin-Adlershof, starting as soon as possible, BAM is looking for a

Doctoral student (m/f/d) - X-ray analytics and simulation of energetic materials under extreme conditions- in the field of physics, chemistry or a cognate discipline


Your responsibilities include:

Energetic materials (explosives, propellants and pyrotechnics) are exposed to extreme conditions (high pressures and temperatures) during initiation and detonation. Understanding energetic materials response to these conditions is crucial for rationalising their reactivity. Extensive work has explored the effects of pressure and temperature on the atomic structure of energetic materials, with comparatively little evidence of how these conditions affect their electronic structures and hence chemical reactivity. This project will study the electronic structure of energetic materials under extreme conditions through the combined use of X-ray Raman spectroscopy and atomistic simulation. Specific tasks include:

  • Design and development of a synchrotron-based X-ray Raman spectrometer using hard X-rays
  • The experimental and theoretical study of energetic materials under extreme conditions
  • Documentation, evaluation and interpretation of data
  • Publication, presentation and documentation of the results in scientific articles, reports and at national and international conferences
  • Supervision of junior academic staff (e.g. BSc/MSc students)

Your qualifications:

  • Successfully completed scientific university studies (Master's degree or equivalent) in the field of physics, chemistry or a cognate disciplin
  • Programming knowledge in a higher programming language (Python or similar)
  • Knowledge of materials simulation methodologies is beneficial
  • Knowledge of X-ray spectroscopy is beneficial
  • Excellent knowledge of written and spoken English is a prerequisite
  • Good skills in scientific writing and presenting in front of an audience
  • Good communication and Information behaviour, initiative/commitment, willingness and ability to make decisions, ability to work in a Team/willingness to cooperate and willingness to learn

further information at https://www.bam.de/umantis/EN/967.html

This entry was posted on Tuesday, September 14th, 2021 a 10:49 am.

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