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Obituary Jean-Claude Dousse

It is with great sadness that we learned that Professor Dr. Jean-Claude Dousse recently passed away.

It is only three years ago, in summer 2017, that Jean-Claude Dousse retired from the University of Fribourg (UNI FR), Switzerland, with the honorific title of Emeritus Professor in the field of Atomic Physics (X-ray Spectroscopy). At UNI FR, he has held many positions from President, academic advisor, vice dean, and led for many years the advanced practicals.

Jean-Claude Dousse was the longest-serving active member of the Physics Department at the University Fribourg, having worked in Fribourg for 44 years, where he studied before for ten years (Undergraduate and Doctoral studies) and graduated in physics. After scientific internships in Los Alamos and at PSI, he returned to UNI FR, where he habilitated. In 1989 he became group leader and in 2001 associate professor.

With his dedication to research, he has gained international recognition and contributed significantly to the field of X-ray Spectrometry. He was nominated "Honorary Professor of the East China University for Science and Technology".

Jean-Claude Dousse actively took part in the EXRS conferences, where he was a well-seen discussion partner. He was engaged in the EXSA supported Fundamental Parameter Initiative, where his experience will be missed.

We have lost a valued colleague and mentor in the field of X-ray spectrometry, and we will honour his memory.

Michael Kolbe
on behalf of EXSA’s Executive Committee                                                                              

Obituary in X-ray Spectrometry

This entry was posted on Saturday, June 27th, 2020 a 08:00 pm.

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