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Announcement of EXSA's Young Scientist Awards 2020

EXSA LogoBiennial Awards for
Young X-ray Spectrometrists

Invitation to apply for
the Ph.D. Award and the Young Scientist Award 2020

The European X-ray Spectrometry Association (EXSA) is proud to announce the Biennial Awards for Young X-ray Spectrometrists.

In recognition of outstanding contributions in the field of X-ray Spectrometry, EXSA will bestow two Young Scientist Awards:

  • one for a phD,
  • one for a Young Scientist (Post-Doc).

The EXSA awards will be presented and handed over to the winners during the European Conference on X-Ray Spectrometry 2020 in Bruges, Belgium, June 22-26, 2020.
Each prize consists of a 500 Euro grant, and, for the Young Scientist Award, in cooperation with the EXRS scientific and local organizing committees, an invitation to present his/her work as an oral contribution at the next EXRS conference. Please note that the participation at EXRS 2020 in Bruges is a prerequisite for a successful application.

Submission of Applications (including documents):

by email to ysa2020(at)exsa.hu.

Deadline: February 15th, 2020 February 29th, 2020

The Candidates should submit their applications and requested documents as, preferentially, a single integrated pdf (phD thesis excepted, which pdf should be submitted as a separated file) and by themselves, not via third persons. Nominations are not eligible. The documents will be not returned. All communication should be made in English. After a check of the eligibility criteria, the documents will be sent to the award committee, which consists of randomly selected former awardees. External referees may be appointed in case of mitigation in the results. The committee will judge the applications based on objective criteria such as presentations, publications list, and on subjective criteria taking into account personal impression and impact value for the X-ray Spectrometry community.

For further information and the application procedure please see the pdf full invitation for applications for EXSA's young scientist awards pdf.

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