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Change of editor-in-chief at X-ray Spectrometry

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to communicate to you the change in Editor-in-Chief of X-Ray Spectrometry from René Van Grieken to Johan Boman.

X-Ray Spectrometry and EXSA share indeed a long-standing relationship. As you are aware, X-Ray Spectrometry is a long-term sponsor of our Association and, as EXSA, supports the EXRS Conference by traditionally publishing the conference proceedings. Many members of the X-Ray Spectrometry editorial board are also EXSA personal members, and so is, since EXSA establishment and for the second time now, the X-Ray Spectrometry Editor-in-Chief.

Both René van Grieken and Johan Boman are EXSA members of the first hour. René took charge in the first EXSA Executive Committee of vice-president and was the first honoring member of EXSA in 2006. René also took care of supervising EXSA Outstanding Achievement Award many times. Johan, from his side, is an active and constant EXSA personal member.

You will find René's final editorial for X-Ray Spectrometry, as well as the presentation of the new Editor-in-Chief and co-editors here.

Please join us in thanking René for his constant support to EXSA, for ensuring the link between EXSA and X-Ray Spectrometry, and for his work performed for the X-Ray Spectrometry community within the journal, and in wishing Johan all the best in his new role!

The EXSA Executive Committee

This entry was posted on Friday, January 11th, 2019 a 11:00 am.

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