Research position in metrology of (in)organic nanoscaled semiconductors at IMEC

A Researcher Excellence Grant (REG) is to be assigned.

The work of the REG-Researcher is to undertake, complement and enforce the work of the Joint Research Project (JRP) by innovating well characterised materials systems relevant to the semiconductor industry. Using these systems the REG-Applicant will analyse nanolayers and buried interfacial characterisation, thin film composition and determine the very steep impurity distributions in “classical” inorganic based semiconductor systems as well as the emerging organic based devices. The REG-Researcher will develop metrology for non-destructive characterisation using x-ray synchrotron based methods and ultra-high depth resolution methods using secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) as well as complementary methods. More specifically the REG-Researcher will be involved in:

  1. Improvement of non-destructive methods for the characterisation of nanolayers and buried interfaces, i.e. chemical depth-profiling of nanolayers with trace level sensitivity and high information at depths up to 200 nm, with respect to three types of methodologies (composition of nanolayers, depth profiling and chemical speciation).
  2. The development of essential metrology to enable 3D nanoscale chemical imaging of organic electronic materials using new massive argon cluster sputtering combined with secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS) for analysis.
  3. The exploration and development of essential metrology for ultra-high resolution depth profiling of inorganic electronic system using oxygen cluster beam sputtering combined with secondary ion mass spectrometry. The REG-Researcher is required to perform high class scientific research, emphasised by the publication of peer reviewed scientific papers and contributions to international conferences.

EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS: The REG-Researcher must have a Ph.D degree in physics, chemistry or engineering with (preferentially) experience in TOF SIMS, Synchrotron X-ray analysis or SPM.

DURATION: 30 months
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APPLICATION DEADLINE: May 3, 2012 (online subm. until midnight)

CONTACT: Prof. W.Vandervorst,, +32 016 281 286


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