permanent scientist position at NIMS available

The National Institute for Materials Science, Tsukuba, Japan is
recruiting a permanent scientist, who will belong to X-ray physics
from coming December, 2014.

Please advise your young friends (of the age twenties, thirties) to
consider the application.

The due is July 23, 2014.

Job Summary
Developing novel X-ray analytical methods and instruments indispensable
for future materials science, particularly, to see dynamic changes in
atomic-scale structures and chemical states through the use of advanced
X-ray photon sources with high coherence and short pulse properties.

Candidates must be willing to become an expert in X-ray
diffraction/scattering or X-ray spectrometry and are expected to have
some original overview and research plans for 10-30 years on how to
solve future materials problems through the use of advanced synchrotron
light sources. Candidates should have good experimental skills for use
in any synchrotron facilities in the world.

For further information please check the job offer at NIMS’ recruiting page.