Biannual Award of the European X-ray Spectrometry Association (EXSA) for Young X-Ray Spectrometrists

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Every applicant for the Award must be 35 years or younger.
  2. The major conditions are that the candidate has achieved internationally recognizable results either in the academic domain or in the field of innovation, and that consequently the main publications should be preferably in major European languages.
  3. The winner has to be present at the conference.

Submission procedure

  1. The deadline for the submissions of the applications is 15. May 2006.
  2. The application of the candidate has to reach office by e-mail to and to
  3. The page limit is 3 pages for the curriculum and the description of the own contributions.
  4. A recommendation letter from the group leader of the candidate stating that the candidate’s own contribution was substantial/essential to the presented work

Selection procedure

A special committee has been nominated for the selection by that will receive all documents. The person for managing the whole procedure is Prof. Maria Luisa de Carvalho.
The Award will be handed over by the EXSA president during the closing ceremony.

For further questions, please contact the above email addresses

Prof. Maria Luisa de Carvalho
Vice-President of EXSA