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February 2019
Feb 04/05

X-ray and neutron scattering and spectroscopies in ferroelectric and multiferroic research workshop V

London, UK   more information  ICAL

March 2019
Mar 11-22

50th IFF Spring School Scattering! Soft, Functional and Quantum Materials

Juelich, Germany   more information  ICAL

Mar 24-29

PIXE 2019

Peniche, Portugal   more information  ICAL

Mar 24-27

3rd World Spectroscopy Congress

Stockholm, Sweden   more information  ICAL

July 2019
Jul 01-05

40th International Conference on Vacuum Ultraviolet and X-ray Physics (VUVX19)

San Francisco, CA, USA   more information  ICAL

August 2019
Aug 05-09

DXC 2019 — 68th annual Denver X-ray Conference

Lombard, IL, United States   more information  ICAL

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